The Town Of Cipanas Bandung

The Town Of Cipanas Bandung – Far from Cibodas, and further later on is that the town of Cipanas. This is actually the Cipanas Palace, the President’s mountain residence set amidst manicured lawns and refreshing hot springs.

Cipanas has grown into your sizable town, where is really a market where tourists come to buy more vegetables, fruits, flowers, decorative plants and souvenirs.

And everywhere down the Bogor-Cipanas route as much as Bandung there will be plentiful hotels, from the foremost exclusive accommodation complete with meeting facilities, to housing estates, towards the more simple accomodation. There‘s also many flower gardens, fruit gardens, playgrounds and even more for families to enjoy.

Method to the town of Cipanas

Travel towards the mountain region of Puncak, Cibodas or Cipanas is as simple as private car, taxi or tour bus, which on the weekday takes around one 5 hours from Jakarta via the Bogor toll road, but plenty longer during weekends and holidays.

This area is best enjoyed throughout the week, because the road is normally jam packed on weekends, from Friday afternoons through Sundays, and particularly on long weekends and school holidays.

At weekends and holidays Police enforces one way traffic hours to ease heavy traffic congestions on these narrow roads, alternating travelling hours for traffic going up or through mountain back and forth from Jakarta. We provide sewa bus pariwisata Bandung for you who want a holiday to Bandung.

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