Shopping Tour Bandung City

Shopping Tour Bandung. Bandung city is famous as a shopping and culinary paradise. For those of you who like shopping, it will not be complete if you do not visit this city. the nickname Bandung as Parisj Van Java felt very suitable, the article of this city became the center of fashion, especially on the island of Java.

Bandung Paradise offers Bandung Tour Packages, especially for those of you who want to feel the exoticism of Bandung shopping. In Bandung tour packages that we offer there are various shopping destinations ranging from culinary shopping tour to fashion tourism. Shopping in the city of Bandung certainly will not make your pocket to be dry. In addition to the very cheap price of quality products – the products are sold very high quality. Then where are the recommendations where shopping in bandung? Here are among them


Cibaduyut is one area that is very famous for shopping tour. This area is even famous to the 27 countries of the world. Cibaduyut is a shoe-making center that until now is still a tourist attraction to come shopping. The quality of shoes produced by local artisans in the region is highly qualified. sewa bus pariwisata bandung However, you do not worry because the price offered is quite affordable with your pocket. Quality and type and model may be the most decisive price of the shoe products in this Cibaduyut. To find shopping places this bandung you certainly very easy because at the entrance of the main entrance you will see a shoe statue with a very striking size once.

Pasar Baru Trade Center

Bandung shopping next store is Pasar Baru Trade Center. Pasar Baru Bandung is one of the best shopping tour in Bandung. Even Malaysian and Singapore tourists often shop in this area. Its strategic location in the heart of Bandung becomes one of the factors why the new market is very crowded visited every day. Various clothing ranging from cheap to expensive that you can visit in this place. In addition to fashion products, you can also shop for typical Bandung food in this place such as Peuyeum, Oncom, Basreng, Wajit Cililin, and many more.

Factory Outlet Jalan Riau Bandung

This time the shopping object that became the next prima donna is Factory outlet. In the city of Bandung, the area that became the center of the famous factory outlet is located on the road Riau. When you visit this area, you will see some shops that offer products that are not inferior to the quality of export. Not only clothes, you can shop bags, shoes or other souvenirs when visiting this factory outlet area.

The price is also ranging from 100 thousand to millions of dollars. Of course the factory outlet area is also very crowded visited by tourists to shop especially on weekends.
Therefore, for your shopping tour Bandung bandung be comfortable. Whether you use a car rental service Bandung, or if you come with many people you can use the bus rental Bandung. Bandung Paradise as a tourist services waiter is ready to provide convenience for those of you who want to visit this city to shop or just fill your holiday time. For that immediately plan your vacation time, and do not hesitate to contact us.

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