Nature Tourism in Bandung Most Popular, Famous and Interesting in Indonesia

Nature tourism in Bandung most popular, famous and interesting in Indonesia – Bandung city is one of the cities in West Java which has a variety of good tourist attractions, culinary and superb shopping. In every day, tourist attraction in Bandung is never empty and always crowded many visitors from various cities. This makes tourism in Bandung the best choice as the most interesting sights.

The most visited tourist attraction in Bandung is tourism in Lembang. Which, the city of Lembang is an area located in Bandung with many amazing natural attractions, for example, tangkuban boat tours, Ciater hot water baths, tourist floating market lembang, outbound tour lembang and so on.

In this opportunity, we provide Bandung tour package with cheaper price. You can choose a tour package in Bandung that we have provided when you want a family holiday, end of year and new year 2016 in the city of Bandung. Here, is the most popular tourist attraction in Bandung, famous and interesting in Indonesia.

1.Travel Floating Market Lembang, Bandung

Floating market is a natural tourist attraction in Lembang, Bandung is most interesting. Keunika in this tour is you can see the scenery of the lake at night and buy food by boat. Tourist attractions in Bandung is very suitable for family holidays and new year 2016.

2.Tisata Tangkuban Perahu Lembang, Bandung

Hearing the name of Bandung’s natural attractions this one, may already be familiar to our ears. Therefore, tourist tangkuban boat lembang, Bandung is the only tourist attractions of the most popular and famous in Indonesia. Or even, as a tourist attraction most in demand by foreign and domestic tourists

3.The White Crater Ciwidey, Bandung

Apart from the boat tangkuban, white crater Ciwidey, Bandung is also the only tourist spot most visited by tourists. The uniqueness in the white crater tour is white sand. So the atmosphere of natural scenery as abroad.

That is one of the most popular, famous and interesting in Bandung’s most popular natural attractions. sewa bus pariwisata bandung Therefore, if you want or have a vacation plan with your family or friends office to natural attractions in Bandung, you can choose Bandung tour packages that we provide. Ordering and registration information, please contact the phone number below.

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