Exoticism Citumang Pangandaran Bandung

Exoticism Citumang Pangandaran. Pangandaran tour packages. Do you like Adventure tours? You must try one of the adventure tourist attraction located in Pangandaran area. Yes, Pangandaran area is not only famous for its beach tourism only. However, in this area there is a hidden paradise named Citumang.

Tourism object Citumang Pangandaran is one tourist attraction that is ngehits among the traveler lately. Citumang is the name of the stream that splits the teak forest with clear water flowing along its path. This tourist attraction is located in Bojong Village, District Parigi, Ciamis, West Java. The name Citumang itself comes from the legend of a stolen crocodile named “Si Tumang”, that is the thing that is believed by the people around the area.

Citumang tourism is you can go from the city of Ciamis as far as 95 km. along the way you will see shady trees around the location. To reach the location of the river, you must walk to the plantation of the population as far as 500 meters. You will walk upriver and there you will find the river Citumang with the water flowing so clear. T

ak only that, at a certain depth you can also enjoy this Citumang tour with bathing and swimming. sewa bus pariwisata bandung The flow of the river that flows in this region through a Goa called Taringgul Cave or the surrounding community called it “Sanghyang Tikoro” (Batara Tenggorokan). You will be treated with Body Rafting tours with extreme field conditions. Of course it further adds to your adventure experience while there.

Tips on visiting Citumang tour

For those of you who visit Citumang, it is advisable to first plan your plan from far – away days. In order to optimize the time you should plan for 3 days 2 nights. The best time to visit this Citumang is during the season kemawI890-au, because when you visit in the rainy season, the journey to this location is very wet and slippery. Do not forget to bring your camera gear. because when entering a small road to Citumang, you can be while hunting landscape photos and also human interest.

In addition you can also visit first to the famous Pangandaran beach with a very beautiful panorama. For the problem of accommodation, you need not worry, because many hotels or inns are ready to provide the best service for you. And do not forget to visit the fish market in Pangandaran. You can shop a variety of fresh sea fish at a cheap price.

To be able to visit Citumang, you can choose package tour that we provide pangandaran. With a cheap price, you and your family can enjoy a very exotic paangandaran adventure tour, or if you only need transportation you can also use the rental car for a small number of participants but if the number of participants you can use a lot of bus rental services Bandung.

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