Enchantment Stone Templek Bandung

Bandung tour packages. Visiting Bandung is endless when we talk about tourist destinations. Not only in north and south Bandung alone, now in the eastern part of Bandung was also present one of the stau tourist attraction that can suck the tourists who come to this city. The eastern Bandung area that we know as the industrial center, in fact has one of nature’s amazing eye attraction.
rock templek bandung

This tourist attraction named Batu Templek Bandung. This Templek Stone is located in Kampung Cisanggarung, Cikadung Village, Cimenyan District, Bandung Regency. This area is a place of stone mining by the surrounding community. However, in this area there is also one waterfall located at the height of the city of Bandung.

This waterfall also presents an amazing panorama, especially if we see it from a distance. You will see clear water flowing from a height by clinging to rock cliffs. However, if during the rainy season comes, the water will look dirty, but the exotism will not change at all. You should visit this tourist site during the dry season, but if you visit in the rainy season, you need to be careful because, the water debit will rise when in the rainy season.

The stones contained here can not be separated from the basin of Bandung that occurred thousands of years ago. The naming of this templek stone is due to rocks that resemble thin slabs. Templek stone gives a natural impression if the baatu is attached. The walls of the stones do give a minimalist impression for everyone who sees it.

You can take pictures – photo while enjoying the cool air of this area. sewa bus pariwisata bandung if you are a hobby cycling, visiting the templek stone tour will be very suitable. The streets are uphill, with the contours of the road a lot of rocks will be an experience for you. visit to Batu Templek tourism is free of charge alias free. You just pay the parking fees alone are managed by the locals. When visiting this tourist attraction you will be amazed – amazed to see it.

Route to Batu Templek tour

To be able to visit the Stone Templek is very easy to achieve. When you come from Jakarta, you can exit Pasteur Toll – Pasupati – Jalan Suci – Cicaheum Terminal and from Sukamiskin, Arcamanik. After that then you go to Jalan Pasir Impun opposite prisons. From Jalan Pasir Impun, continue to follow the road up to the top (approximately 3 km) through Jalan Pasir Impun Pass. Then pass through Jalan Cisanggarung. From Cisanggarung this location is near. As for if from the east, from the direction Cileunyi continue to Cinunuk – Cibiru – Cipadung – Ujungberung. Pas near the Sukamiskin Prison take the right path towards Jalan Pasir Impun (after SMAN 24 Bandung).

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