Enchantment of Green Canyon Tour

Pangandaran tour packages. West Java is a province that has a tourist charm that is not less beautiful dengang other provinces. Starting from cultural tourism to natural attractions. Popularity of the tourism sector in West Java is indeed not separated from its geographical location surrounded by mountains and also coastal strains that stretched from end to end.

Green canyon pangandaran

When you see it,, of course, very many travelers who come to West Java for a vacation and also travel in the province of thousands of this city of Bandung. In the Pangandaran area of ​​West Java, there is one tourist attraction that has an exotime like a hidden paradise.

The location of the tour called Green Canyon, or the surrounding community called it Cukang Taneuh. Green Canyon is located in Kertayasa Village, Cijulang District, Ciamis Regency, West Java. The origin of the naming of Green Canyon itself was thrown from a French tourist who came in 1993. He was mesmerized by the clear water and green moss that enveloped around the cliff so named it Green Canyon.

In this Green Canyon tourist attraction you can see the river is still very clear by boarding a boat rented by the surrounding community. Also during the boat you can hear the roar of water falling from the cliff. Arriving at the lower river you can also walk the path down the cave with stalactite and stalagmite rocks that drip water.

However, if you like the adrenaline tour you can also try to jump off a cliff with a height of 5 meters or try rock climbing. sewa bus pariwisata bandung As for other activities that become the belle of the tourists is try Body Rafting exercise. You do not have to worry for security issues during there because the manager has prepared all your needs including security issues.

Tips during a visit to the Green Canyon tour

If you want to visit Green Canyon tour, there are some things that you should prepare include: Bring a change of clothes, Bring a special bag of water resistance, use sandals during a visit there, bring food and drink enough.

Route to Green Canyon tour

If you come from the direction of Bandung or Jakarta, you just take the path to the direction Pangandaran.Setelah in Pangandaran area, you stay to the area Cijulang. Your vehicle will be parked in the parking lot, then you will use the boat to arrive at this Green Canyon tour.

Along the way you will be served with a view of shady trees that surround the area. Sometimes you will find some animals that inhabit the area one of them is a long-tailed monkey. In addition panoramic waterfall that falls from the top of the cliff you will encounter along the path.

To be able to visit the Green Canyon tour, you can choose package tour Pangandaran. But if you come with family from Bandung, you can use the services of Bandung Bus Rental Pangandaran. Your trip to Green Canyon will make your own experience for those who love adventure tours. Immediately plan your vacation.

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