Children’s Tour Jendela Alam Bandung

Bandung tour packages. Have you planned your holidays and children? If there is not one place that can be a recommendation of your vacation with family. Precisely in Bandung now you and your family can play at once learn in the object of Jendela Alam Bandung. Bandung city as we know is one of the city that menjaid best tourist destinations in Indonesia. Even on every weekend the city is often visited by tourists who come both from within and abroad. So no wonder, if this time Bandung still remains a prima donna for anyone who came to visit him.

Window Nature Bandung is one of the tourist attraction that can be a solution for those of you who want to vacation with family in Bandung. Attractions located in the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčLembang is in addition to be a means of leisure, can also be a place of education for your sons and daughters. Accompanied by the cool air of Lembang area you and your family will feel comfortable when visiting it. You and your family can certainly do various agricultural education activities such as farming, breeding, planting, and also activities related to the world of farming such as milking cows, feeding rabbits, and you can ride a pony.

If you come to this place you and your family should try some facilities such as:

  • Water Window
  • Petualnagan Window
  • Play Window
  • Animal window
  • Window Plants
  • Kedai Alam

Of the various facilities above you will get when choosing a package tour Bandung. Because in the tour package that we offer there is a visit to the tour Jendela Alam Bandung. About the price you do not need to worry because the price we offer certainly adjust to the budget you have. You do not have to bother anymore to take care of all your needs whether it is transportation, accommodation, meals, or entrance ticket attractions. Because we have prepared it for you.

Or you can use Bandung car rental service or Bandung bus rental for your transportation needs during a vacation in Bandung. Our fleet is ready to take you to the tourist attraction you want to visit sewa bus pariwisata bandung. Destination destinations owned by the city of Bandung is very much all ranging from nature tourism bandung to shopping bandung. Therefore do not hesitate to immediately contact us and immediately plan your vacation.

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