Attractions Floating Market Lembang, Bandung

The object of floating market lembang, Bandung | tour packages – Lots of people ask, if the floating market tour where ya? If you have almost the same questions like this, then in the discussion of the article now is a tourist attraction floating market lembang, Bandung West Java.

Bandung Floating Market Bandung is one of the most interesting tourist attractions in Bandung by providing unique attractions for tourists, namely the floating market. Where, the location of the floating market address is located in the Lembang area right on the lake by providing a simple boat. In addition, the facility floating market lembang also provides complete facilities, such as culinary food typical of Bandung, parking, rest room and so forth.

This Bandung tourist attraction offers a more beautiful natural scenery and a very cool air atmosphere. So that the visitors can enjoy the atmosphere of Bandung’s natural scenery while tasting typical Bandung food. This is one of the latest floating tourist floating market of Lembang 2018.

Floating Market Lembang Bandung

From the picture as above, surely you will be interested in the uniqueness. You can buy any typical Bandung food while riding a boat. Floating market is one of the most popular tourist categories in Bandung. With tours in the valley is not much less interesting than other Bandung tourist attraction.

Attraction floating market lembang, Bandung is formed with rustic interior characteristic of the Sundanese people. The quality of the building is very nice and more unique. You can enjoy a family holiday in this place of the most exciting. So the family vacation time will be more impressive and not boring.

So, if you are uniquely promoted by the floating market tour of the Lembang or want to visit the floating market tour with the family, we will help you to take care of the needs of the required goals. We provide Bandung tour package is cheaper, you can choose the package available. sewa bus pariwisata bandung Registration information and booking tour package Bandung, please call the phone number below.

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