Tours Pangalengan Bandung

Tours Pangalengan Bandung. Bandung city is very rich with a variety of tourist objects. One of them is a natural tourist attraction. Of course for those of you who live in urban cool atmosphere often you miss. Bandung is famous for its cool hawanya is perfect for those of you who want to drive your fatigue with vacation activities. Packages presented bandung tour is certainly dominated by nature tourism. This time you should try is Pangalengan bandung tour. The Pangalegan area is well known for its cool air. Located in the southern area of ​​Bandung this area is surrounded by a vast panorama of tea gardens.

Here are some attractions Pangalengan Bandung

Situ Cileunca

Bandung pangalengan tourist attraction is very famous is situ cileunca. Lake made in the Dutch colonial period offers a very nice natural beauty. you can enjoy some of the playing facilities on offer such as: Flying fox, as well as playground for children. sewa bus pariwisata bandung Not only that, you can use the boat to get around the lake while taking pictures – photos and enjoy the cool air.

Rafting Pangalengan

If you are an adventure tour enthusiast, you should try pangalengan rafting tours. Here you will be invited to wade river palayangan and the famous cisangkuy river with a fairly swift current for + / – 2 hours using a rubber boat. You do not have to worry for security issues, because it is safety with the accompanied by a very experienced instructor. You also have to get insurance during this rafting activities.

Malabar Tea Plantation

The beauty of Malabar tea plantation is undoubtedly its existence. When you visit this place, you will be served with a vast expanse of tea plantations like rugs. This place is also rich in historical value. Because in this location there are graves and houses relics K.A.R Bosscha. In this place you can also do other activities such as tea walks, visit home and tomb bosscha and others – others.

To be able to visit the above attractions, you can contact Bandung Paradise ready to give you comfort during visiting Pangalengan tour of Bandung. Of course you can also choose other Bandung tour packages if you want to see the other side of the city nicknamed Parisj Van Java this. or you can use Bandung bus rental service and Bandung car rental. Do not hesitate to contact us to be able to get the best deals

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