How to Visit Mount Bromo Using All Transportation

How to Visit Mount Bromo Using Various Transportation – Mount Bromo is maybe the foremost accessible of Java’s active volcanoes and for that reason it gets lots of domestic tourists, typically in package teams. it’s additionally a well-liked destination for prime faculty teams UN agency camp within the space. For that reason, those guests seeking a quiet appreciation of the park ought to avoid major domestic vacation periods. That being same, this can be an outsized park and providing you escape from the most watchpoint areas, quiet enjoyment is feasible at any time, as long because the Tenggar crater within the Mount Bromo volcano complicated isn’t erupting because it did in 2004, late 2010 and early 2011. If so, some caution could also be needed.

How to Visit Mount Bromo?

How to Visit Mount Bromo By plane

The nearest major field is in Surabaya (IATA: SUB), 3 to four hours away by automobile (and additional by bus). Surabaya is well served by regular domestic flights from capital of Indonesia and Bali and a few alternative countries in Asia. personal cars may be organized within the arrival hall. within the arrival hall there ar close to eight completely different personal automobile corporations in addition as freelance drivers out there to barter and prepare rides. Fare for a drop off is around IDR650,000 (for Associate in Nursing AC automobile, together with fuel and tolls). you would possibly be ready to get a automobile with driver (including fuel and tolls) for IDR500,000 once some negotiation (March 2014).
Abdul Rachman Saleh field (IATA: MLG) at Malang may be a little regional field with flights from capital of Indonesia solely and access from here is smart if you plan to enter the park via the Tumpang/Ngadas route. We offer bromo tour packages.Visit Mount Bromo

How to Visit Mount Bromo By train

There is a terminus in Probolinggo. it’s around 10km from Probolinggo railroad terminal to Probolinggo coach station and you’ll use a Bemo for Rp five,000. operation the image from the terminal to avoid a scam (stop at hotel/travel agency). Outside Probolinggo bus depot you’ll take a Bemo to Cemoro Lawang for Rp thirty five,000 (Nov 2015). The Bemo can solely go once it’s stuffed with fifteen folks. If you arrive once 16:00, it’ll be tough to top off the whole Bemo. you’ll hash out there this a gaggle. Before coming into Cemoro Lawang, you may got to pay a conservation fee of Rp ten,000 (Nov 2015) to travel within the village. The Bemos drop you off within the village at the t-crossing; to the left goes to restaurant volcanic rock, the proper goes to Cemara Indah building. It takes 1.5h to drive to from Probolinggo to Cemoro Lawang. We offer bromo tour packages.

How to Visit Mount Bromo By road

There ar 3 established routes into the park.

The Probolinggo → Ngadisari route (Cemoro Lawang and Mount Bromo)

The nearest larger city is Probolinggo, on the north coast of Java regarding 45km because the crow flies from the park (but it feels lots further). this can be far and away the foremost common route accustomed access the park because it is that the most easy (but not essentially the foremost interesting). regarding 6km west of Probolinggo on the most coastal road, flip south at the village of Ketapang. From there the road snakes up for forty metric linear unit through Sukapura (not a foul plan to remain the night here because the hotels ar good) to Ngadisari and eventually Cemoro Lawang on the sting of the crater. Total journey time regarding 1h30.

To get to Probolinggo from Surabaya, take a Damri shuttle from the Juanda International field in Surabaya to the Bungurasih coach station (also referred to as Purabaya) within the town, ticket value IDR25,000 per person (as of February 2017). Then take a hussar monkey (express) cool bus for the 2-3h journey from Surabaya to Probolinggo (IDR30,000 as of February 2017). Buses while not air-con, however with fans, cost IDR14,000. after you gain Bungurasih coach station, you may be swarmed with throngs of touts, all too desperate to lead you to a bus at extremely inflated costs. you must sedately ignore all of them and walk towards the bus berth wherever there’s a proof that clearly says Probolinggo, this can be wherever you must notice a bus operated by hussar monkey. We offer bromo tour packages.

WARNING: Even with a hussar monkey bus, you’re not warranted a very bother free journey to Probolinggo bus depot. The hussar monkey bus could drop you off before of a personal look with a symbol that reads bus depot. the $64000 Probolinggo bus depot is found approx 1km down identical road. confirm you examine the encircling before obtaining off the bus, a true bus depot ought to have several different buses position next to every different. Similar state of affairs might happen on the come back journey from Bromo, once the minibus drops you in Probolinggo you will be born off on the other facet of the road to the bus depot next to a tour company. somebody from this company can attempt to persuade you are taking “his non-public AC bus”. essentially all he will is stop the general public bus because it leaves the terminal and tries to charge you a lot of for the price ticket. confirm you get the bus from the terminal!

Green and blue Mini-Buses (10 seats) from Probolinggo to Cemoro Lawang area unit placed right outside the terminal: IDR250,000 (translates to IDR40,000 per passenger). Departure from the terminal terminus as before long because the bus is full or somebody pays the complete worth. will delay the bus up to two.5 hours to urge enough passengers although when 16:00 it’s quite onerous to urge enough passengers, its doable to barter for an entire minibus at IDR300,000. However, the drivers will typically be less rigorous for come back trip back to Probolinggo, and might begin out with fewer passengers on board.

In general it’s onerous to urge enough passengers as they usually go along with fifteen seats buses. principally they leave [*fr1] empty and also the passengers got to pay the complete worth. that is IDR 450,000 for the fifteen seat bus. Note that no locals can take these buses and it’s a business strictly for tourists.

The small yellow mini buses are you able to bring from the town center of Probolinggo to the “Terminal” (bus station) for IDR four,000 (Oct, 2014). they fight to overcharge by IDR five,000 or a lot of. If you would like to explore Bromo at early morning, you’ll be able to use 4×4 automobile. worth concerning IDR.500,000 – 700,000.

How to Visit Mount Bromo From The Pasuruan → Tosari route

This route is barely somewhat more durable than the Probolinggo possibility and Pasuruan has the advantage of being nearer to Surabaya. From Pasuruan on the most north coast road between Surabaya and Probolinggo, take the road 45km south to Tosari via Pasrepan. Irregular buses ply this route otherwise you will drive it in a very regular automotive. From Tosari to Wonokitri it’s another 3km via a neighborhood bemo or on the rear of a truck. From Wonokotri up to Bromo it’s a very nice, 3 hour 14km trek, thus you are doing have to be compelled to begin terribly early if you would like sunrise. or else you ought to be able to rent a 4×4 with a driver for that journey. there’s accommodation in each Tosari and Wonokitri. We offer bromo tour packages.

How to Visit Mount Bromo From The Malang → Tumpang route

This route approaches from the south east and is rarely used owing to the shortage of facilities. actually the foremost off-the-beaten-path thanks to approach the park. Take a microbus from Arjosari terminus in Malang to Tumpang and so a 4×4 vehicle or an important truck from Tumpang to Ngadas. There aren’t any facilities to talk of at Ngadas however you may notice informal accommodation in family homes within the village. At Ranupani abreast of the highest there’s terribly easy homestay accommodation avaiable – raise at the park workplace there. The route from Ngadas on to the crater is attention-grabbing as a result of it transverses the ocean of Sand and directly passes Mount Bromo. a mud road leads across the flat bottom of the crater, up to Jemplang on the southern rim and on to Ranupani wherever you ought to register at the park workplace. you have got to require a 4×4 vehicle (unless you like to walk).

It is additionally doable to rent a bike and do the journey on your own. See the “Do” section within the Malang article. We offer bromo tour packages.

Visit Mount Bromo Tour from Surabaya

From Surabaya, you’ll be able to take a tour from sooner or later (midnight) tour to 3D2N tour combining with the hidden Madakaripura body of water and Ijen Crater exploration. the value starts at $75. For any info, please visit or contact +6281931591557.

Visit Mount Bromo Tour from Yogyakarta

From Yogyakarta you’ll be able to do a three Day Tour (Bromo; Ijen; Transfer to Bali; two Nights with Breakfast) for around IDR750,000 (Aug 2015). this is often the quickest approach, however several complains will be found on-line as a result of it takes long and it’s exhausting. We offer bromo tour package.

Leave Yogya 08:00-09:00; arrival late night in Comoro Lawang (11h+); wake-up 03:00 for sunrise; 21:30 still Ijen (6h+).

If you cross-check the distances (online route planner) and contemplate Indonesian travel speeds of 30km/h then the late arrival isn’t any surprise:

1.5hProbolinggo Bus StationCemoro Lawang
200kmProbolinggoBanyuwangi (Train Station; Ferry to Gilimanuk Bali; Tour to Ijen Crater)
125kmGilimanukUbung (One of many Bus Terminal in Denpasar)
10kmUbungBatubulan (One of many Bus Terminal in Denpasar)

Source: wikitravel.

Bromo Midnight Tour Package Best Price

Bromo Midnight Tour Package Best Price is visit to Mount Bromo from Surabaya while not keep long at edifice Bromo
Bromo Midnight Tour Package Best Price is daily departure tour packages organized directly from Surabaya to go to Mount Bromo while not keep long at edifice Bromo, permit you to go to Bromo Tour from Surabaya begin on the time of day from your edifice, field or different place in Surabaya and while not keep long at any edifice around Bromo space.

Detail summing up program of Bromo Midnight Tour Package Best Price is as followed:

  • Surabaya – Bromo Tour time of day – Surabaya
  • 23.00 : acquire from your edifice in Surabaya, terminal or field
  • 24.00 : feat from Surabaya at nighttime on to Probolinggo Regency visiting Mt. Bromo.
  • 02.30 : Upon arrival in Cemorolawang village then take a motorcar 4×4 passing through the ocean sand to climb up to the Pananjakan Peaks to fancy the bromo sunrise, bromo tour
  • 05.00 : you permit to fancy the surise and and also the position of Mt Bromo and Mt Semeru seem step by step.Going back to ocean sand to ride a horse or walk to the foot of Mt. Bromo regarding one.5 km/25 minute.
  • 06.00 : We’ll passing through the Sand ocean and 250 steps into the height of Mt. Bromo. There we’ll see (if the weather permit) the amazing read of Tengger tableland.
  • 08.00 : Going back to Cemaralawang village to possess breakfast at native eating place, and take a rest for a jiffy before going back to Surabaya about three,5 hours driving.
  • 12.00 : finish of the program Bromo time of day Tour Package.

Inclusions of Bromo time of day Tour Package:

  • 1. Transport with Airconditioned Coach
  • 2. Breakfast
  • 3. motorcar 4×4 to climb up to Penanjakan Peak
  • 4. Entrances fee for bromo tour

Exclusion of of Bromo time of day Tour Package:

  • 1. All personal expenses
  • 2. mount
  • 3. Travel Insurance

About Activity of Mount Bromo in 2010 eruptions

On Tuesday Mount Bromo, twenty three Nov 2010, 16. thirty WIB (Western Indonesian Time), the Indonesian Centre of volcanology and earth science Hazard Mitigation (CVGHM) confirmed the activity standing of Mount Bromo at ” alert ” thanks to increasing tremor activity and shallow volcanic earthquakes at the mountain.

Concerns were raised that a eruption may be seemingly to occur. We provide bromo tour packages. As a precaution native residents ANd tourists were schooled to stay afar from an ruang among a radius of 3 kilometres from the volcanic crater and exile encampments were erected. The ruang encompassing the Teggera volcanic crater of Bromo remained out-of-bounds for guests throughout the rest of 2010.

Bromo began to erupt ash on Friday twenty six Nov 2010.

On twenty nine Nov 2010 Transport Ministry representative Bambang Ervan declared that Malang’s domestic airfield would be closed till four Gregorian calendar month 2010. Malang could be a town of regarding 800, 000 folks is regarding twenty five kilometre (16 mi) west of Mount Bromo. Abdul Rachman Saleh airfield commonly handles ten daily domestic flights from the capital national capital. Government volcanologist Surono reported that the volcano was expulsion columns of ash some 700 metres (2, three hundred feet) into the sky.

Horison Ultima Bandung, Hotel Bintang 5 Rekomendasi

Horison Ultima Bandung yaitu hotel di lingkungan yang baik, yang terdapat di Lengkong.

Hotel ini mempunyai tempat yang begitu bagus, juga dekat Bandara Husein Sastranegara, yang cuma berjarak 6, 66 km.

Hotel ini terdapat cuma 1, 87 km dari Stasiun Cikudapateuh.

Bukan sekedar diposisikan dengan baik, tetapi Horison Ultima Bandung juga adalah satu diantara hotel dan wisata di dekat Institut Seni Rupa serta Budaya Indonesia di Bandung dalam jarak 0, 89 km serta Supermall Bandung dalam jarak 1, 54 km.

Mengenai Horison Ultima Bandung

Apakah Anda berencana acara atau acara spesial yang lain, Horison Ultima Bandung yaitu pilihan pas untuk Anda dengan ruangan peranan yang besar serta diperlengkapi dengan baik sesuai sama keperluan Anda.

Dari acara usaha sampai gathering perusahaan, Horison Ultima Bandung sediakan service serta sarana lengkap yang Anda serta kolega Anda perlukan.

Bila Anda merencanakan untuk tinggal lama, bermalam di Horison Ultima Bandung yaitu pilihan pas untuk Anda. Sediakan beragam jenis sarana serta kwalitas service yang hebat, akomodasi ini tentunya buat Anda kerasan.

Bersiap-siaplah untuk memperoleh pengalaman bermalam yang tidak terlupakan dengan service eksklusifnya, diperlengkapi dengan beragam sarana untuk penuhi semuanya keperluan Anda.

Pusat kesehatan hotel yaitu tempat yang perlu Anda cobalah sepanjang Anda tinggal disini.

Punyai hari yang mengasyikkan serta enjoy di kolam renang, apakah Anda melancong sendiri atau mungkin dengan orang yang Anda sayangi.

Meja depan 24-jam ada untuk melayani Anda, dari check-in sampai check-out, atau pertolongan yang Anda perlukan.

Bila Anda inginkan lebih, janganlah sangsi untuk ajukan pertanyaan ke meja depan, kami senantiasa siap untuk mengakomodasi Anda.

Nikmati sajian favorite Anda dengan masakan khusus dari Horison Ultima Bandung spesial untuk Anda.

WiFi ada di ruang umum property untuk menolong Anda tetaplah tersambung dengan keluarga serta rekan.

Peroleh peristiwa bernilai serta tidak terlupakan sepanjang ada di Horison Ultima Bandung.

Ketetapan Hotel Horison Ultima Bandung

Anda mungkin saja disuruh untuk tunjukkan jati diri yang di keluarkan oleh pemerintah waktu check-in, dengan kartu credit atau uang tunai untuk menutupi deposit serta biaya.

Keinginan spesial mungkin saja bergantung pada ketersediaan hotel waktu check-in serta mungkin saja membutuhkan cost penambahan. tersedianya keinginan spesial tidak ditanggung.

Hotel bisa kenakan cost penambahan untuk tiap-tiap orang penambahan sesudah kemampuan maximum ruangan tamu.

Enchantment Stone Templek Bandung

Bandung tour packages. Visiting Bandung is endless when we talk about tourist destinations. Not only in north and south Bandung alone, now in the eastern part of Bandung was also present one of the stau tourist attraction that can suck the tourists who come to this city. The eastern Bandung area that we know as the industrial center, in fact has one of nature’s amazing eye attraction.
rock templek bandung

This tourist attraction named Batu Templek Bandung. This Templek Stone is located in Kampung Cisanggarung, Cikadung Village, Cimenyan District, Bandung Regency. This area is a place of stone mining by the surrounding community. However, in this area there is also one waterfall located at the height of the city of Bandung.

This waterfall also presents an amazing panorama, especially if we see it from a distance. You will see clear water flowing from a height by clinging to rock cliffs. However, if during the rainy season comes, the water will look dirty, but the exotism will not change at all. You should visit this tourist site during the dry season, but if you visit in the rainy season, you need to be careful because, the water debit will rise when in the rainy season.

The stones contained here can not be separated from the basin of Bandung that occurred thousands of years ago. The naming of this templek stone is due to rocks that resemble thin slabs. Templek stone gives a natural impression if the baatu is attached. The walls of the stones do give a minimalist impression for everyone who sees it.

You can take pictures – photo while enjoying the cool air of this area. sewa bus pariwisata bandung if you are a hobby cycling, visiting the templek stone tour will be very suitable. The streets are uphill, with the contours of the road a lot of rocks will be an experience for you. visit to Batu Templek tourism is free of charge alias free. You just pay the parking fees alone are managed by the locals. When visiting this tourist attraction you will be amazed – amazed to see it.

Route to Batu Templek tour

To be able to visit the Stone Templek is very easy to achieve. When you come from Jakarta, you can exit Pasteur Toll – Pasupati – Jalan Suci – Cicaheum Terminal and from Sukamiskin, Arcamanik. After that then you go to Jalan Pasir Impun opposite prisons. From Jalan Pasir Impun, continue to follow the road up to the top (approximately 3 km) through Jalan Pasir Impun Pass. Then pass through Jalan Cisanggarung. From Cisanggarung this location is near. As for if from the east, from the direction Cileunyi continue to Cinunuk – Cibiru – Cipadung – Ujungberung. Pas near the Sukamiskin Prison take the right path towards Jalan Pasir Impun (after SMAN 24 Bandung).

Children’s Tour Jendela Alam Bandung

Bandung tour packages. Have you planned your holidays and children? If there is not one place that can be a recommendation of your vacation with family. Precisely in Bandung now you and your family can play at once learn in the object of Jendela Alam Bandung. Bandung city as we know is one of the city that menjaid best tourist destinations in Indonesia. Even on every weekend the city is often visited by tourists who come both from within and abroad. So no wonder, if this time Bandung still remains a prima donna for anyone who came to visit him.

Window Nature Bandung is one of the tourist attraction that can be a solution for those of you who want to vacation with family in Bandung. Attractions located in the area of ​​Lembang is in addition to be a means of leisure, can also be a place of education for your sons and daughters. Accompanied by the cool air of Lembang area you and your family will feel comfortable when visiting it. You and your family can certainly do various agricultural education activities such as farming, breeding, planting, and also activities related to the world of farming such as milking cows, feeding rabbits, and you can ride a pony.

If you come to this place you and your family should try some facilities such as:

  • Water Window
  • Petualnagan Window
  • Play Window
  • Animal window
  • Window Plants
  • Kedai Alam

Of the various facilities above you will get when choosing a package tour Bandung. Because in the tour package that we offer there is a visit to the tour Jendela Alam Bandung. About the price you do not need to worry because the price we offer certainly adjust to the budget you have. You do not have to bother anymore to take care of all your needs whether it is transportation, accommodation, meals, or entrance ticket attractions. Because we have prepared it for you.

Or you can use Bandung car rental service or Bandung bus rental for your transportation needs during a vacation in Bandung. Our fleet is ready to take you to the tourist attraction you want to visit sewa bus pariwisata bandung. Destination destinations owned by the city of Bandung is very much all ranging from nature tourism bandung to shopping bandung. Therefore do not hesitate to immediately contact us and immediately plan your vacation.

Enchantment of Green Canyon Tour

Pangandaran tour packages. West Java is a province that has a tourist charm that is not less beautiful dengang other provinces. Starting from cultural tourism to natural attractions. Popularity of the tourism sector in West Java is indeed not separated from its geographical location surrounded by mountains and also coastal strains that stretched from end to end.

Green canyon pangandaran

When you see it,, of course, very many travelers who come to West Java for a vacation and also travel in the province of thousands of this city of Bandung. In the Pangandaran area of ​​West Java, there is one tourist attraction that has an exotime like a hidden paradise.

The location of the tour called Green Canyon, or the surrounding community called it Cukang Taneuh. Green Canyon is located in Kertayasa Village, Cijulang District, Ciamis Regency, West Java. The origin of the naming of Green Canyon itself was thrown from a French tourist who came in 1993. He was mesmerized by the clear water and green moss that enveloped around the cliff so named it Green Canyon.

In this Green Canyon tourist attraction you can see the river is still very clear by boarding a boat rented by the surrounding community. Also during the boat you can hear the roar of water falling from the cliff. Arriving at the lower river you can also walk the path down the cave with stalactite and stalagmite rocks that drip water.

However, if you like the adrenaline tour you can also try to jump off a cliff with a height of 5 meters or try rock climbing. sewa bus pariwisata bandung As for other activities that become the belle of the tourists is try Body Rafting exercise. You do not have to worry for security issues during there because the manager has prepared all your needs including security issues.

Tips during a visit to the Green Canyon tour

If you want to visit Green Canyon tour, there are some things that you should prepare include: Bring a change of clothes, Bring a special bag of water resistance, use sandals during a visit there, bring food and drink enough.

Route to Green Canyon tour

If you come from the direction of Bandung or Jakarta, you just take the path to the direction Pangandaran.Setelah in Pangandaran area, you stay to the area Cijulang. Your vehicle will be parked in the parking lot, then you will use the boat to arrive at this Green Canyon tour.

Along the way you will be served with a view of shady trees that surround the area. Sometimes you will find some animals that inhabit the area one of them is a long-tailed monkey. In addition panoramic waterfall that falls from the top of the cliff you will encounter along the path.

To be able to visit the Green Canyon tour, you can choose package tour Pangandaran. But if you come with family from Bandung, you can use the services of Bandung Bus Rental Pangandaran. Your trip to Green Canyon will make your own experience for those who love adventure tours. Immediately plan your vacation.

Exoticism Citumang Pangandaran Bandung

Exoticism Citumang Pangandaran. Pangandaran tour packages. Do you like Adventure tours? You must try one of the adventure tourist attraction located in Pangandaran area. Yes, Pangandaran area is not only famous for its beach tourism only. However, in this area there is a hidden paradise named Citumang.

Tourism object Citumang Pangandaran is one tourist attraction that is ngehits among the traveler lately. Citumang is the name of the stream that splits the teak forest with clear water flowing along its path. This tourist attraction is located in Bojong Village, District Parigi, Ciamis, West Java. The name Citumang itself comes from the legend of a stolen crocodile named “Si Tumang”, that is the thing that is believed by the people around the area.

Citumang tourism is you can go from the city of Ciamis as far as 95 km. along the way you will see shady trees around the location. To reach the location of the river, you must walk to the plantation of the population as far as 500 meters. You will walk upriver and there you will find the river Citumang with the water flowing so clear. T

ak only that, at a certain depth you can also enjoy this Citumang tour with bathing and swimming. sewa bus pariwisata bandung The flow of the river that flows in this region through a Goa called Taringgul Cave or the surrounding community called it “Sanghyang Tikoro” (Batara Tenggorokan). You will be treated with Body Rafting tours with extreme field conditions. Of course it further adds to your adventure experience while there.

Tips on visiting Citumang tour

For those of you who visit Citumang, it is advisable to first plan your plan from far – away days. In order to optimize the time you should plan for 3 days 2 nights. The best time to visit this Citumang is during the season kemawI890-au, because when you visit in the rainy season, the journey to this location is very wet and slippery. Do not forget to bring your camera gear. because when entering a small road to Citumang, you can be while hunting landscape photos and also human interest.

In addition you can also visit first to the famous Pangandaran beach with a very beautiful panorama. For the problem of accommodation, you need not worry, because many hotels or inns are ready to provide the best service for you. And do not forget to visit the fish market in Pangandaran. You can shop a variety of fresh sea fish at a cheap price.

To be able to visit Citumang, you can choose package tour that we provide pangandaran. With a cheap price, you and your family can enjoy a very exotic paangandaran adventure tour, or if you only need transportation you can also use the rental car for a small number of participants but if the number of participants you can use a lot of bus rental services Bandung.

Tour in Lembang Most Popular and Famous in Indonesia

Tour in Lembang most popular and famous in Indonesia – Finding the location of natural attractions in Bandung to be the main choice most visited by tourists from within the country and Bandung as a family vacation or traveling with friends in the office. Tourism in Lembang is the best choice of the most favorite and very crowded by visitors in every day. We provide Bandung tour packages with cheaper price with rental bus facilities and rental car rental in Bandung to take you to the destination.

You can choose Bandung tourist attraction as your vacation location and the most secure and comfortable family. Access road to the tour in Bandung is now good, not too stuck and easy to pass quickly. sewa bus pariwisata bandung In the year-end season, long holidays and new year, tours in the valley will be increasingly visited by tourists from various out of town. The uniqueness that has been offered by nature tourism in Bandung is the attraction for visitors.

Tour in Lembang Most Popular and Famous in Indonesia

So, if you are curious about the uniqueness of the tourist attraction in Bandung, you can visit the natural attractions of Bandung with family and entourage. We have prepared Bandung tour package with the cheapest price. Here, is the most popular and famous tourist attraction in Indonesia 2015 -2016.
Nature tourism Tangkuban Perahu Lembang, Bandung

Tangkuban boat is the name of a natural tourist attraction located in the area of ​​lembang. For Bandung people may already be familiar with this tourist spot. Therefore, tangkuban boat attraction is a favorite tourist attraction in Bandung.

Nature tourism floating market lembang, Bandung

Nature tourism floating market lembang, Bandung is a tourist attraction in Bandung the most interesting and very amazing. The uniqueness in this tour is the visitors can take a boat on the lake to see the natural scenery or buy food. This makes your vacation and family more enjoyable.

Nature Tourism in Bandung Most Popular, Famous and Interesting in Indonesia

Nature tourism in Bandung most popular, famous and interesting in Indonesia – Bandung city is one of the cities in West Java which has a variety of good tourist attractions, culinary and superb shopping. In every day, tourist attraction in Bandung is never empty and always crowded many visitors from various cities. This makes tourism in Bandung the best choice as the most interesting sights.

The most visited tourist attraction in Bandung is tourism in Lembang. Which, the city of Lembang is an area located in Bandung with many amazing natural attractions, for example, tangkuban boat tours, Ciater hot water baths, tourist floating market lembang, outbound tour lembang and so on.

In this opportunity, we provide Bandung tour package with cheaper price. You can choose a tour package in Bandung that we have provided when you want a family holiday, end of year and new year 2016 in the city of Bandung. Here, is the most popular tourist attraction in Bandung, famous and interesting in Indonesia.

1.Travel Floating Market Lembang, Bandung

Floating market is a natural tourist attraction in Lembang, Bandung is most interesting. Keunika in this tour is you can see the scenery of the lake at night and buy food by boat. Tourist attractions in Bandung is very suitable for family holidays and new year 2016.

2.Tisata Tangkuban Perahu Lembang, Bandung

Hearing the name of Bandung’s natural attractions this one, may already be familiar to our ears. Therefore, tourist tangkuban boat lembang, Bandung is the only tourist attractions of the most popular and famous in Indonesia. Or even, as a tourist attraction most in demand by foreign and domestic tourists

3.The White Crater Ciwidey, Bandung

Apart from the boat tangkuban, white crater Ciwidey, Bandung is also the only tourist spot most visited by tourists. The uniqueness in the white crater tour is white sand. So the atmosphere of natural scenery as abroad.

That is one of the most popular, famous and interesting in Bandung’s most popular natural attractions. sewa bus pariwisata bandung Therefore, if you want or have a vacation plan with your family or friends office to natural attractions in Bandung, you can choose Bandung tour packages that we provide. Ordering and registration information, please contact the phone number below.