Learning Science & Technology In Puspa Museum Science Bandung

Museum Puspa IPTEK Bandung. Have you planned your vacation? If not yet you must try one of these attractions. yes, Museum Puspa IPTEK Bandung. This one tourist attraction not only presents entertainment tours but, you can get educational when visiting this one tourist attraction. Bandung city that we know as one of the tourist destinations in Indonesia does have its own attraction among the tourists. Of course with the presence of attractions Puspa Museum IPTEK Bandung can add variety of tourist destinations in this city.

Museum Puspa IPTEK Bandung is located in the city of New Parahyangan Padalarang. This museum is a place to learn and play is perfect for you and your family. The shape of this museum wake up resembles a replica of a sundil sun with Vertical and horizontal types. It is said that the replica clock is the largest in Southeast Asia.

Wahana contained in the Museum Puspa IPTEK Bandung, there are several scientific demonstrations with an interesting style, which is guaranteed to make you and your family will not be bored to see it. Education presented by Museum Puspa IPTEK Bandung include insight on science sciences such as Biology, Physics, Chemistry. The other science aids that you can try in this place like: Hanging Bicycle, Water Dancing Basin, Concentration Test by sitting on the nail bench, and many more. You do not have to worry to try every props that are in this place, because in every props there are instructions for use.

Route Towards Museum Puspa IPTEK Bandung

When you come from Jakarta you stay to Purbaleunyi toll road and exit Padalarang toll gate. After leaving Padalarang toll road, you just turn right to New Town Parahyangan area. From the gate of Kota Baru Parahyangan you can see the Museum Puspa IPTEK Bandung building on your right.

But if you come from Bandung, you can pass the highway so that your journey to the location can be traveled quickly. You can enter via Pasteur toll and exit at Padalarang toll booth. Then take the right lane and enter the New Town area of ​​Parahyangan.

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