Educational Tour of Kampung Batik Bandung

Bandung Tour Packages. Batik is one of Indonesia’s cultural heritage. Batik existence at this time we should preserve to not extinct in the era. As one of the heritage of the archipelago Batik is also famous even to foreign countries. Batik is not just about the fabric, as well as the technique of making it however, deep within there are many different meanings that you can explore. So no one if we all have to learn batik again.

Kampung batik bandung

In Indonesia there are many scattered villages that produce batik cloth. We may only know Batik producers who are in Java region only. However, now in Bandung there are also industries that also produce batik cloth. Batik cloth industry in Bandung is better known by the name of Kampung Batik Bandung.

Of course for those of you who come from Jakarta do not need far to come to Pekalongan area. Because, even in Bandung you can learn more about Batik. As one of the creative cities, Bandung did not want to lose in creating a creative area in order to improve the wheels of the economy of its citizens. In addition to boosting from the economic side, the existence of Kampung Batik Bandung is also become one of the educational facilities for residents or tourists who come to know more about the existence of batik.

Kampung Batik in Bandung is located in Cigadung area. With wisataya kampong kampong region, can also add interest to tourists who come to this city. For those of you who want to know more about this Kampung Batik Bandung, try to come to the area Cigadung Bandung. At this location you will not only find a variety of batik motifs only. However, you will also be taught how to batik batik, mencap batik with various motives provided. Batik can you bring as souvenirs have been to the place.

Batik Komar became one of the Batik center that provides educational facilities for tourists in Kampung Batik Bandung. This Batik Shop is located at Jalan Raya Cigadung Timur 1 No. 5 Bandung City. Here you will be given pengatahuan ranging from batik cloth process to Batik which has a high selling value. In addition you will also be taught how to choose between Batik tulis and Batik cap.

Access to Kampung Batik Bandung

For those of you who come from the direction of Jakarta, to the village of Batik Bandung is very easy. You live out Pasteur toll road then continue the journey to fly over Pasupati. After the Sacred Market there is Jalan Pahlawan. The position of East Cigadung Highway is on Jalan Pahlawan. Access to Kampung Batik can also be through Jalan Ir H Djuanda or Dago via Jalan Tubagus Ismail.

For those of you who want to visit this Bandung Batik Village, you can visit it by choosing Tour Packages Bandung. We will take you to the destination so you no longer need to confuse to take care of all your needs while in Kampung Batik Bandung. sewa bus pariwisata bandung Enchantment presented by the city of Bandung you can also explore by using a Car Rental Bandung, or Rent Bus Bandung.

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